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The path to freedom requires addressing the whole person—most importantly, emotionally and spiritually.

By providing a multi-disciplinary therapeutic approach grounded in the wisdom of the Spiritual Root System™ and the 12 Steps, each patient is provided the most appropriate and effective care possible. This brings them into deeper relationship with themselves, others, and God.

As one of the oldest treatment centers for professionals in the U.S., we continue to change lives.

For more than 20 years, The Center for Professional Excellence (CPE) has helped professionals recover from addiction and lead healthy, fulfilling lives. We have an 88 percent success rate of continued recovery for our graduates and our professional staff is composed of masters and doctoral-level therapists who are also in recovery.

The CPE Men’s Professional Program has joined the JourneyPure family of addiction treatment centers. This will allow for expanded treatment options and continuing care services for our clients.

Our 2-to-1 patient to therapist ratio gives our clients the personalized care they need.

Our size makes us a unique alternative to other, larger treatment programs. We limit our treatment groups to a 12- bed unit. The design of our program assures that the primary patient and family members who come to JourneyPure CPE are given intensive, highly-personalized care.

Our programs are specifically designed for professional men who have contributed to society.

Over the years, we have developed programs tailored for professional men. We consider a professional to be one who contributes to society in order to make it better: singer or surgeon, pastor or politician. Their position may not always require a license, but these are the people who set out to give their head, their hands, and their heart to something. Over time, these men have lost heart, and we’re here to help them recover it.

We work with the entire family—from start to finish.

From the beginning of treatment until its completion, spouses and family are integrated into the process. This creates the best opportunity for healing and the most potential for permanent change once a person returns home.

“I once heard a guy say, ‘My life came crashing down as my bottom came roaring up.’ My addiction brought me to that same place… desperate, hopeless, afraid, and very alone. CPE gave me back my life, my family, and my career.”

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We want to make sure you get the help you need. We offer a three-day comprehensive evaluation for professionals in distress. The process includes psychiatric evaluation, psychological testing, health and medication review, and multiple individual interviews by our staff.

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