Our Philosophy

We were created as emotional and spiritual creatures
created to do one thing—live fully.

The Spiritual Root System™:
A Guide to Full Living

Our hearts are made for relationship.

In our efforts to become the people we want to be, so many of us live out of willpower, intellect, and perfectionism. But sooner or later, we find this way of coping leaves us impaired and often defeated. In order to begin to live fully from our hearts, we must recognize the way we were designed and return to it.

Our hearts were made for relationship, freedom, and authentic expression. Treatment must be more than just redoubled efforts to try harder or think differently, if it is to truly help us change, it must draw upon our deep emotional and spiritual makeup–the core of us which we have often ignored, suppressed, and denied.

The path to full life starts with naming and feeling our feelings.

The Spiritual Root System™ exposes the five roots of the human heart starting with feelings. A full life is beyond our grasp without knowing The Eight Feelings™ that are stamped upon our hearts. They help us name what we are experiencing and help us practice presence amidst the tragedies and wonders of life.

Dig deeper into the Spiritual Root System™ with The Voice of the Heart: A Call to Full Living

“Chip Dodd passionately and wisely invites us to the spiritual discipline of listening to our hearts and to the call of God that echoes in every emotion.”

—Dan Allender, Professor of Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School, Author of To Be Told.