Frequently asked questions

What issues do you treat?

Do you only treat people with substance addiction?

For two decades, we have been walking professionals through the deep and personal work of recovery from addiction. The roots of substance addiction are largely the same as anxiety, depression, and other compulsive behaviors. Each one, at its core, is a form of addiction. 

Do you treat depression, anxiety, or other compulsive behaviors?

The roots of substance addiction are largely the same as anxiety, depression, and other compulsive behaviors. Each one, at its core, is a form of addiction. 

About treatment

Do I need to put my entire life on hold for treatment?

Like any other progressive disease, addiction is not quickly or easily dealt with. For most, their impairments were decades in the making. Recovery out of their grip takes significant time in the context of group therapy, individual care, and the prolonged removal from the stresses and pressures of everyday life in order to see true and lasting change.

What’s a typical week during extended treatment like?

Patients live together in community, arriving at CPE each morning after breakfast. Most weekdays include: check in group, 12 step group, process group, lunch together, a teaching session, 12 step meeting, and then back to the apartments for the evening. Housing is located on 127 sprawling acres on the West Fork of the Stones River.

How long is treatment?

We have different treatment options ranging from 60-90 days (depending upon the unique needs of the person). However, each individual case is different, and our staff will conduct a thorough interview with each potential patient and often his spouse in order to determine together the best treatment plan.

When will I see my family?

Like so many aspects of treatment, each plan is tailored to the individual. For some, their situation and geographic distance from family may limit therapeutic leaves to only one or two visits. Others who are local with young children may see them more often. Our focus is seeing each patient recover his heart so that when treatment is over he can return to his family whole and able to offer his true self.

Why do I need to live in community during treatment?

Addiction thrives on isolation. We emphasize relationship because we believe people were impaired through relationship and therefore must be repaired through relationship.

What are the credentials of your staff?

Our staff is made up solely of PhD and postgraduate therapists who specialize in recovery work. JourneyPure CPE is committed to keeping our treatment facilities small because it allows us to give the greatest quality care. We take no more than 12 patients at a time allowing us to provide at least one highly experienced staff member for every two patients.

Payment and insurance

Do you take insurance?

You can pay for your stay at JourneyPure CPE using any of the following methods:

  • Self-Pay
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Prosper Healthcare Loan

We will work with you to discuss payment options and run a free insurance benefit check so that you know exactly what costs you and your family can expect. Need payment assistance? We have partnered with Prosper Healthcare Lending to offer our clients easy access to immediate healthcare loans to assist in financing treatment at our facility.

Have more questions?

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