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Why choose treatment at CPE?

Recover the life you want and start building the life you were meant to live.

For most professionals, success has created stress that eventually evolves into impairments, addictions, and compulsive behaviors. They have depended predominantly on the skills of intellect, willpower, and morality. The over-reliance on these skills for success damages their heart, their family, and their work. What works in their professional life doesn’t work in their emotional and spiritual life. 

Compulsive behaviors can damage your life and the lives of the ones you love.

By deeply integrating the wisdom of The Spiritual Root System™, traditional 12-Step work, and intense individual, group, family, experiential, and educational therapies, patients receive an individualized treatment approach that promotes emotional and spiritual health. This integrative approach allows recovery from addiction and recovery of the life one is made to live.

Focused attention on "re-entry" concentrates on the transition from treatment back to family and work. Family involvement in the therapeutic process is requested from the beginning of treatment and continuously throughout the treatment process. Aftercare groups and services assure a continued sanctuary for the professional as long as needed or as required by the advocacy program. We also require 12-Step meeting attendance to build a bridge to continued post-treatment recovery.

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“I walked into CPE running as fast as I could from life... wanting to quit everything. CPE didn’t help me recover my life, it gave me a life I never had and never dreamed I could.”

Frequently asked questions

Do you only treat people with substance addiction? What about anxiety/depression?

The roots of substance addiction as well as anxiety & depression are largely the same. Each one, at its core, is a form of addiction. For two decades, CPE has been walking professionals through the deep and personal work of recovery from addiction allowing them to live fully from the heart.

Do I need to put my entire life on hold for treatment?

Like any other progressive disease, addiction is not quickly or easily dealt with. For most, their impairments were decades in the making. Recovery out of their grip takes significant time in the context of group therapy, individual care, and the prolonged removal from the stresses and pressures of everyday life in order to see true and lasting change.

What’s a typical week during extended treatment like?

Patients live together in community, arriving at CPE each morning after breakfast. Most weekdays include: check in group, 12 step group, process group, lunch together, a teaching session, 12 step meeting, and then back to the apartments for the evening. Apartments are in an upscale gated community.

Do you take insurance?

If needed, a CPE recovery administrator can file insurance for a patient. The individual will then receives the reimbursement from their insurance company when it comes. Payment is typically submitted in a series of payments, usually monthly.

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